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Johan Martin Ferner (1927-2015)

@Norwegian royal house

Johan Martin Ferner has died

Johan Martin Ferner passed away quietly at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, today, 24 January 2015 at 05.25 AM.

Message of condolence from His Majesty The King:
“It is with deep sadness that we have received the news that Johan Martin Ferner has passed away. Our thoughts go to Princess Astrid and her family, who have lost a wonderful husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather.”

Johan Martin Ferner

Johan Martin Ferner was born on 22 July 1927. He pursued an education in business in Norway, England and France, and studied at the London Polytechnic Institute, Bradford Technical College and the University of Lyon. Together with his brother he ran and developed the department store Ferner Jacobsen, which was a family business.
Mr Ferner was an accomplished sailor, and was part of the crew that won the silver medal in the 6 metre class at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki.
Her Highness Princess Astrid and Johan Martin Ferner were married in Asker Church on 12 January 1961. The couple had five children together.

Photos from the wedding

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Four generations: Bourbon-Orleans

Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

FOUR GENERATIONS: Infanta Beatriz (Beatrice of Edinburgh, Princess Carla holding Gerarda, and Infanta Eulalia of Spain in Madrid, 1942.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Marital crisis for Beatrice and Henry

January 23, 1890

Prince Henry of Battenberg has been "absent from court for two months," according to the London Truth.  It appears that the husband of Princess Beatrice has "decided upon a permanent rectification of boundaries between himself and his wife's family."

The Grand Duke of Hesse and By Rhine and the Princess of Battenberg have been "endeavoring to arrange the difficulties which have arisen," but not with much success.

The paper expects that "we will find Prince Henry passing the autumn months in Continental travel, while his wife is enjoying the seclusion of Balmoral."

Prince Henry apparently "threw down the gauntlet" when he went to Graz,  to stay with his brother, Prince Alexander, who  was "unceremoniously jilted by Princess Victoria of Prussia."  Prince Alexander has been "regarded at the English court, as a wretch compared with whom Judas Iscariot was a worthy man."

Emperor incompetent says US ambassador

January 24, 1905

Former US Ambassador to Russia, Andrew D. White made the following statement today, about the tragic situation in St. Petersburg .

"If the Czar is a weak man, as the present Emperor is, he can do very little.  A weak man cannot know anything about the empire to speak of,  because he is surrounded by Grand Dukes, women, & etc., who tell him what they want him to believe and keep all the truth away from him which they do not wish him to hear.

"The main difficulty in the whole case is that the Emperor is supposed to do all the thinking for 140,000,000 people, scattered over the largest territory possessed by any Government in the world, with all sorts of different races, religions, and ideas, and this no man can do, and least of all in a time like this.

"The simple fact is that the evils of the old system have now become absolutely intolerable.  And when you to that fact the sending off of immense numbers of the best men in the country to an utterly useless and wicked war, and the pressure of taxation which grinds the people to the dust, you have a situation which none but the very strongest rulers in human history can cope with.

"The Czar has no strength of character, no proper education, and is hopelessly unfit to grapple with the situation.

"No doubt the worst of the features of the situation have been keep from him."

Mr. White, speaking from Ithaca, New York, said he did not think that Nicholas II's advisers would "follow the policy of Emperor Nicholas I, " who sent the "ringleaders of the insurrection of eighty years ago" to be executed or sent to Siberia.  Ambassador White believes that change in Russia cannot be "long delayed."

The demonstration that took place yesterday in St. Petersburg have left many dead and injured.  The events are being called a "full-fledged revolution," a "day of terror," and "bloody Sunday."

One Russian refugee, now in Paris, stated that "the czar's policy of tutoring his subjects as if they were little children is an insult to the nation.

"This first outbreak, with its bloodshed, is only precursor of the tidal wave of blood that will sweep the czar from his throne.  The nihilists are using the war to achieve ends, which might otherwise have been delayed 100 years.  They are fomenting in Russia American republican ideas."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Princess Maria Pia to marry

January 22, 1955

Italian aristocrats and monarchists are "all in a flurry" over the forthcoming wedding of Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, eldest daughter of former King Umberto II, to Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The wedding will take place in a "little parish church" at Cascais, Portugal, where King Umberto has lived in "splendid exile" for several years now.

The "blue bloods of Italy" have charted two "luxury ships" from Naples and Genoa, to attend the wedding "en masse."

There will be plenty of parties to celebrate the wedding, and "local dressmakers and couturiers have been swamped" with orders for new gowns.

Young King Baudouin, a cousin of the bride, and her brother, Prince Vittorio Emanuele, will be the witnesses for Maria Pia.  King Paul of the Hellenes and King Peter II of Yugoslavia, will serve as witnesses for Prince Alexander.

But as King Paul and King Baudouin have not made official visits to Portugal, they will not attend the wedding in person, but will be represented by other members of their royal families.

Princess Maria Pia's wedding gown and her trousseau have been made in Rome by one of Italy's "top couturiers."   Her bridal veil, a "precious family heirloom, a rare piece of lace," that once belonged to her great-grandmother, Queen Margherita.

She will wear a diamond tiara over the veil  The tiara, which belonged to a member of the Savoy family, is a gift from her parents, King Umberto and Queen Marie José.

The Princess will not have any bridesmaids, due to "court etiquette."  After the ceremony, she will "receive homage" from young girls, in "picturesque regional costumes" from Italy.

The Duke of Kent, a first cousin of the groom, will be one of the guests at the wedding.

Prince Joachim is recovering

January 22, 1915

A dispatch received in Amsterdam from Berlin reports that Prince Joachim, the youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, has "sufficiently recovered" from an attack of dysentery and influenza, according to the New York Times.

Prince Joachim will be traveling to Baden-Baden for a rest.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crown Princess Margarita's speech

The Speech of Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess The Romanian Athenaeum, 18 January 2015

His Majesty King Michael and his mother, Queen Helen, left Romania on the night of the 3rd of January 1948. Forty-­‐two years elapsed from then until the blessed day of the 18th of January 1990, when I first stepped onto Romanian soil, accompanied by my sister, Princess Sophie. It was a journey home, a journey of personal and historical completion.

Today, we celebrate together a quarter of a century in which we have remained at the side of our fellow countrymen, and at the side of Romania’s most vulnerable in particular, continuing the covenant of our ancestors.

In 1990, deepest Romania did not recognise the Crown, like a child that has never met its parents. The last quarter of a century has given the Crown the rôle of educator and model in the most important areas of Romanian life, just as King Carol I taught us.

Today, the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, which is celebrating its twenty-­‐fifth anniversary, enjoys trust and prestige.

Under the guidance of King Michael, the Royal Family has built a social, cultural and educational edifice, as well as a respected royal institution, in a time that has need of models, love, inspiration, and personal example.

All these years have replanted Romania’s roots; they have rewoven its unravelled identity and traditions. Today, the majority of Romanians feel affection and respect for the Crown.

A quarter of a century ago, as the royal motorcade travelled along the Bucharest-­‐Pitești highway, we were stopped at gunpoint.  Twenty years later, the King addressed a solemn session of Romania’s Parliament.

This evening, at the Romanian Athenaeum, the hundreds of prominent persons here in attendance represent the whole nation, symbolically and institutionally. This is the most beautiful gift to celebrate the last quarter of a Romanian century.

So help us God!

The celebrations in Romania

Thanks to HRH Crown Princess Margarita for sending me the photos from the dinner at Gala Concert at the Athenaeum and the Dinner at the National Savings Bank.

Conductor Horia Andrescu

HRH Princess Sophie, her first visit to Romania in 17 years, is on the left of Victor Ponta.   HRH Prince Lorenz of Belgium sits next to HRH Princess Marie, in red

Calin Popescu Tariceanu, President of the Romanian Senate, HRH Prince Radu & Emil Constanescu, former President of Romania,

Prime Minister Victor Ponta and HRH Crown Princess Margarita,

 photo credits: Daniel Angelescu, (c) Household of His Majesty King Michael of Romania

Crown Princess Margarita's 25th anniversary in Romania

Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Crown Princess Margareta’s

arrival in Romania

The Household of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania organized, on Saturday, 17th January 2015 and Sunday, 18th January 2015, a series of events dedicated to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Crown Princess Margareta’s arrival in her country, Romania, on the 18th of January 1990.

 The celebration events took place in the presence of Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess, His Royal Highness Prince Radu, Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie, Her Royal Highness Princess Marie, His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas and His Royal Highness Prince Lorenz of Belgium.

 On Saturday, 17th January, a special meeting with The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation’s people and projects took place at the 'Gheorghe Focsa' hall of the "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum, bringing together Foundation beneficiaries and volunteers.

On Sunday morning, 18th January, at 11 a.m., TRH Crown Princess Margareta, Princess Sophie and Princess Marie, along with foreign personalities from the USA, UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden and Spain visited the Studio 4 of The Romanian Television, from where the historical events were broadcast in December 1989.

 On Sunday evening, at 6 p.m., The Royal Family attended the gala concert at the Romanian Athenaeum, performed by the Camerata Regala orchestra, violinist Remus Azoitei and the Choir of the 'George Enescu' Philharmonic under the baton of maestro Horia Andreescu.

The evening concluded with an official dinner hosted by the National Savings Bank Palace, at 8 p.m., in the presence of TRH Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Radu, along with Princess Sophie, Princess Marie, Prince Nicholas and Prince Lorenz of Belgium and of H.E. Victor Ponta, Prime-Minister of Romania, H.E. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, President of The Romanian Senate, H.E. Emil Constantinescu, former President of Romania (1996-2000), Mr Dorin Chirtoaca, Mayor of the City of Kishinev (Republic of Moldova) and 200 guests, foreign personalities, but also representatives of all areas of Romanian society, who have supported the Royal Family in the past 25 years.

After a break of 42 years, on 18th January 1990, the first member of The Romanian Royal Family, Princess Margareta, was setting foot on Romanian soil, accompanied by her sister, Princess Sofia. His Majesty King Michael I had entrusted to his eldest daughter the mission to represent Him in the country, for the first time since the Royal Family's departure into exile, in the dawn of 4th January 1948.  

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Life Magazine covers - Princess Caroline's christening

From Life Magazine: March 25, 1957

Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite of Monaco, first child of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace was baptized in March 1957.  Her godparents were 10-year-old Margaret Davis, niece of Princess Grace and Prince George Festetics de Tolna, 17.  George, now head of the family, is a grandson of Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton and her second husband, Prince Tassilo Festetics de Tolna.  He is married to Josefine Harmer, and they have two sons, Tassilo and Georg.

Lady Victoria Mary's first husband was Albert I of Monaco: the parents of Louis II (grandfather of Rainier III).

[Lady Mary Victoria's eldest daughter, Maria Mathilde, married Prince Karl Emil zu Furstenberg.  Their granddaughter, Ira, was Prince Rainier's companion after Princess Grace's death.  Prince Tassilo's sister, Georgine, was the great-grandmother of Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein.]

Royal Gatherings - London April 2015

Spaces are limited, and filling up quickly.  Don't miss out.

Just Chatting with the King

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection
The Duke and Duchess of Galliera and their eldest son, Prince Alvaro, in New York City in November 1928, chatting on the phone for 30 minutes with King Alfonso XIII in Madrid.

Infanta Beatriz (Duchess of Galliera) wearing a tiara

Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

Infanta Beatriz, Duchess of Galliera (nee Princess of Edinburgh), granddaughter of Queen Victoria, rather grand in a diamond tiara.

A Royal Picnic

The middle photo shows Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna with her granddaughters, Marie and Kira

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Little Giorgi now a dynast

If you use the search box and type in Georgia, you will find a selection of articles on the dynastic issues regarding the Georgian monarchy, and the "battle" between the two branches, briefly united in marriage.

According to a source close to Prince Nuzgar Bagration-Gruzinsky's Chancellery,  Prince Giorgi is now considered a royal dynast and will inherit the de jure authority of his grandfather. Under Georgian dynastic rules, Giorgi did not have a royal claim given his father’s actions. However, it’s my understanding that HRH Crown Prince Nugzar received a request from Ilia II, the Patriarch of Georgia, to grant Giorgi full dynastic rights a year or so ago. He consented to the request, and little Giorgi is now a Gruzinski dynast."

Prince Nuzgar's older daughter, Anna, who is divorced from Prince David Bagration, lives in Georgia with her two daughters from her first marriage, and Prince Giorgi.  Prince David has visitation rights.

Prince Giorgi was born September 27, 2011.