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HRH The Duke of Kent: celebrating 80 years

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All the photos are from my personal postcard and photo collection.  Several of the photos were taken by me, including the bottom eight, taken in June 2014.

It's a boy for the Duke and Duchess of Kent

October 9, 1935

"This morning at five minutes after 2 o'clock  Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent was safely delivered of a Prince at 3 Belgrave Square.  His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent and Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Nicholas of Greece were present.  Secretary Sir John Simon was also present.  The condition of Her Royal Highness and the Infant Prince is satisfactory.  The happy even was made known by the firing of the Park and Tower guns."

The official announcement of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Kent's first child was announced in a special supplement of the London Gazette.

The first official announcement was made at 3:40 a.m.  A second bulletin was issued at 1:30 p.m.  "The condition of Her Royal Highness and the infant Prince continues to be satisfactory."

According to the New York Times, the news of the birth was "transmitted by telephone" to King George and Queen Mary, who are at Sandringham, and to the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Gloucester and the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood.

This is King George's fifth grandchild and third grandson.  The King and Queen received the news of the birth with "great pleasure."

The infant prince is seventh in line to the throne.   He weighed 6 & 1/2 lbs.  The Duchess of Kent's father, Prince Nicholas of Greece, and her sister, Princess Elisabeth, Countess zu Toerring-Jettenbach, were also at Belgrave Square when the Duchess gave birth.

The name has been announced, but George and Edward are expected to be two of the four names that the Prince will receive.  The names will be chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Kent,  but "must be submitted to King George for approval."

The Prince of Wales visited his new nephew earlier this evening  He was taken to see the Duchess of Kent to see the baby, and later "chatted in the rain, outside the house," with the Duke of Kent.

The Duchess is "recuperating rapidly," and is expected to attend the christening, which will probably take place next month.

Great Britain "rejoiced" over the birth.  Outside the home of the duke and duchess of Kent, "little knots of women and girls gathered."

Thursday, October 8, 2015

London newspapers "assails silence" on Margaret

October 8, 1955

The "mass-circulation Pictorial" has called for an official announcement about the relationship between Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend," reports the Associated Press.

The "huge" front headline screams "For Pete's sake ... put him out of his misery," in reference to Townsend's current status.

The Group Captain will return from Brussels, where he is an air attache at the British Embassy. He is expected to remain in Britain for a month.

"A firm official announcement about marriage to Princess Margaret is long overdue," the paper states. "It would end for Townsend the amazing life of sham he is at forced to lead."

The author of the article, Rex North, adds that Europe is giving Townsend a "golden ride on a royal runabout simply for the reason that he is expected to marry the beautiful Princess."

If Townsend is not going to marry Princess Margaret than the "thousands who who and fete Peter Townsend are being taken for a heck of a royal ride. It would be almost the dampest damp squib of the century."

The Pictorial notes that Townsend has no private income and receives a salary of £30 ($84) a week, but he "flits from Oslo to Cannes to Deauville like royalty to ride in horses for gentlemen of independent means.  The cost of suits, hotels, fares and restaurants to match much add to his misery."

North repeated his demand for an "official announcement" and said: "Let's hope they both live happily ever after."

Prince of Wales shot in arm

October 8, 1915

The Prince of Wales, "while taking tea at in inn at a British outpost near Ypres," was shot in the arm by a French corporal, according to the Los Angeles Times.  The shooting took place last week.  The attendant at the inn is said to be an "attractive young woman," who claimed to be unmarried, but it fact is the wife of a French Hussar Corporal named Huguet.

The young waitress, who used the surname Barthou, had "many admirers among the British staff officers," as the inn has become a popular stop for "tea or other refreshments."

Miss Barthou's husband was said to be "furiously jealous" of the attention she receiving.  He wrote to his wife to ask her about the reports of her "flirtation with British officers," saying that if she had been unfaithful to him, he would "shoot her and then shoot himself."

The stories however, were greatly exaggerated.  There was no "undo familiarity" between any of the British officers and the pretty young Bretonne.    One young man had fallen in love with her, proposed, but when she declined, he did not return to the inn.

Last week, her husband received a 24-hour lave from the trenches and turned up unexpectedly at the inn.  It was about 5 p.m..  The Prince of Wales and other staff officers were having tea at the inn.  Huguet watched as his wife talked with the Prince and his companions for several minutes before he was "seized with a blind rage."   He rushed into the room, and "without a word of warning fired two shots in rapid succession, one at his wife and another at the two staff officers."   He then turned the gun on himself.

The Prince of Wales and his companion "sprang on him," but the corporal fired his gun before he could be seized and "wounded himself in the neck."   The Prince was shot in his arm just above the wrist.

The corporal was taken for treatment at a field hospital by the Prince of Wales in his motor car.  The prince's wound was also treated.

The Prince of Wales "proceeded to headquarters" where he reported the incident to the commander in chief.   The corporal's wife also went to the hospital, where she is now looking after him.  

The young French corporal is "liable to shot" for his actions, but it is expected that no "official notice" will be made of the incident.

Spanish royals attend mass for late Duke of Calabria

King Felipe V and Queen Letizia of Spain were among the mourners earlier today at the  Corpore Insepulto Mass for the late Duke of Calabria. Thel last few photos are from yesterday's event.

An interesting engagement: Fitzgeorge-Balfour-Hardy

The name FitzGeorge may not be familiar to royal watchers who feast on the latest news about what the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing.  Astute royal genealogists are aware of the name FitzGeorge and its connection to the British monarchy.

The engagement is announced between Victor, son of Mr and Mrs Robin FitzGeorge-Balfour, of Mayfield, East Sussex, and Amy, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Alan Hardy, of Lewes, East Sussex.

The newly engaged Victor Theodore FitzGeorge-Balfour is a distant cousin of the Duke of Cambridge as both are descendants of Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, seventh son of George III, and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Cassel.

The Duke of Cambridge descends from the couple's third and youngest child, Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, who married the Duke of Teck. Their only daughter, Mary (1867-1953) married George V.

Mr. FitzGeorge-Balfour is a descendant from Mary Adelaide's older brother, Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge.  His marriage to an actress, Sarah Fairbrother was in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act.  Neither Louisa nor their three sons shared Prince George's rank and title.   Nor did they have dynastic rights.  

Two of the three sons were born before George and Sarah went through a form of marriage.   The sons used the surname FitzGeorge.   George (1843-1907) married Rosa Baring.  Adolphus (1846-1922) was married twice to Sofia Holden and Margaret Watson,   Augustus FitzGeorge (1846-1933) never married, and Adolphus had one daughter, Olga, by his first wife.

George married Rosa Frederica Baring (1854-1927) in Paris on November 25, 1855.  They had three children, Mabel Iris (1886-1976), George Daphne (1889-1954) and George William Frederick (1892-1960).

Mabel was married twice.  Her first marriage to Robert Shekelton Balfour took place in 1912.  She married again in 1945 to Prince Vladimir Emmanuelovich Galitzine, but they had no issue.

Mabel gave birth to a son Robert George Victor on September 15, 1913 at Knightsbridge, London.   He served in the British Army, rising to the rank of General.  He received the KCB, CBE, DSO  and the MC.

In 1922,  Victor changed his surname to FitzGeorge-Balfour by Deed Poll.  In 1943, he married Mary Diana Christian.  They had two children: Diana Mary Christian (1946) and Robert (Robin)Victor (1951, who in 1976 married Patricia Anne Christiana Rowntree.  General FitzGeorge-Balfour died on December 28, 1984.

Robin and Patricia have four children:  Sophia Alexandra Mary (1977) George Augustus (1979), Charlotte Amaryllis (1981) and Victor Theodore, who was born on April 12, 1988 at Adventist Hospital in Hong Kong.

He attended Eton College and received a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol.  Amy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hardy, who live in Lewes, East Sussex.  [I believe Alan is a business consultant, and his full name is Alan Ronald Geoffrey Hardy. His wife's name is Juliet Caroline.   Alan is the manager of Southover Church in Lewes]

I have not yet been able to confirm Amy's profession, but she could be the Amy Hardy who is a Research Clinical Psychologist at King's College, London.

Victor and the Prince of Wales are fifth cousins, which means the present Duke of Cambridge and Mr. FitzGeorge-Balfour are fifth cousins once removed.

Other Royal Musings posts on this branch of the family

Ernst August has split from girlfriend

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the 61-year-old estranged husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco, has ended his relationship with former Romanian beauty queen Simona, 27.

Bunte reports that the fairy tale is over for the head of the Hanoverian Royal House and his much younger girl friend.

Prince Ernst August, who has two sons, Ernst August and Christian, by his first wife, Chantal Hochuli, and a young daughter, Alexandra, by Princess Caroline,  is well known for his "hard life," as he has battled substance abuse and other demons.  Simona is said to be a former beauty queen from Romania who was allegedly kidnapped by traffickers, and sold to a brothel, before being rescued by Prince Ernst August.

I do not think Ernst August provided a literal rescue from the brothel, but offered love and a jet-set life with Simona.  He left his wife and young daughter in Monaco, and moved in with Simona, enjoying the sun and fun.

Prince Ernst August has rarely been seen in public, largely due to health reasons.  Several years ago, he turned over the running of the family estates to his heir, Hereditary Prince Ernst August.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Preparing for the funeral of the Duke of Calabria

Arrival at El Escorial. the body of the late Duke of Calabria, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Infante of Spain, who died yesterday.

Arthur Addington dead at 76

HSH The Prince of Lippe (who died earlier this year) and Arthur Addington.  
Most of my readers will have heard of Arthur Addington, who died today at his home at Harpenden, Hertfordshire.  He was a retired banker, who worked for NatWest for many years.  Thanks to Arthur, I had a NatWest account for many years, where I could deposit my sterling payments for articles that were published in UK magazines.

Arthur was one of the foremost royal genealogists.  He spent many years researching the descendants of King James VI & I, which lead to the publication of his seminal work, Royal House of Stuart: The Descendants of King James VI of Scotland, King James I of England, published in 1969.

The book was published in three volumes, and is considered one of the masterful works of royal genealogy.

Arthur Addington was 76 years old.   [Thanks to Ted Rosvall for allowing me to use this photo.]

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Princess Eudoxia engaged

October 6, 1930

Although the focus is on her brother, King Boris III's impending wedding to Princess Giovanna of Italy,  Princess Eudoxia has become engaged, according to the Associated Press.

The reports of the engagement are said to be unofficial, however.  The 32-year-old princess is said to be engaged to HRH Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Spoleto.  The 30-year-old prince is the younger son of the Duke and Duchess of Aosta.

The prince, an archaeologist, is presently in a hospital, as he broke a leg "received while automobile racing."

The King and Princess Giovanna await word from the Vatican regarding a dispensation for their marriage.  King Boris is Orthodox, while Princess Giovanna is a Roman Catholic.

Franz Josef ill

October 6, 1915

Sources on "good authority" are stating that Emperor Franz Josef of Austria is "dangerously ill," and his heir, Archduke Karl, is on his way to Vienna.

Baron von Burian, the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister and Count Tisza, the Hungarian prime minister, have also been called to the capital. reports the New York Times.

The news of the Emperor's health has been "kept secret" for "fear of the "influence it might have on the international situation.

The 85-year-old Emperor has been on the throne since December 1848.

Infanta Cristina to stand trial in January

Infanta Cristina of Spain's trial will begin on January 11.  She faces tax fraud charges.  She will face up to eight years in jail if she is found guilty.  Her husband, Inaki Urdangarin could spent up to 19 years in jail, if he is found guilty.

Funeral of the Duke of Calabria

The body of HRH the Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria, will be taken to the Monastery of El Escorial tomorrow, Wednesday, arriving there at 13.00 hours (, when a Mass will be celebrated. HRH will be attended by members of the Constantinian Order, and the four Military Orders. It will then remain there until the funeral. There will be funeral service later, in November, at which the King and Queen and members of other royal families will attend. This date is yet to be announced.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Duke of Calabria is dead at 77

HRH Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria, died today at his farm, La Toledana, in Retuerta, Toledo, Spain.  He was 77 years old.

Don Carlos had been diagnosed with a neurological disease several years ago.  In 2012, he suffered a stroke leaving him nearly incapacitated.

In 1965, Don Carlos married Princess Anne of France, a daughter of Prince Henri, Count of Paris, and his wife, Princess Isabelle de Orleans- Braganza.  The couple had five children, Princess Cristina, Princess Maria, Prince Pedro, Princess Ines and Princess Victoria.

The late prince was a second cousin of King Juan Carlos of Spain, and the two families were close.   Don Carlos' father, Infante Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, (1901-1964) was the eldest child of Infanta Mercedes of Spain, Princess of Asturias, elder sister of King Alfonso XIII.  and Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies, who was created an Infant of Spain.  After Mercedes' death in childbirth in 1905,  Prince Carlo married for a second time time, to Princess Louise of Orléans, and they had four children, including Princess Maria de las Mercedes, who married Infant Juan of Spain. Count of Barcelona, the parents of King Juan Carlos.

Infante Alfonso and the Count of Barcelona were full first cousins through Prince Carlo's first marriage to the Prince of Asturias.  The Count of Barcelona married Alfonso's younger half sister.  Thus, Juan Carlos and Infante Carlos were first cousins.

The Duke of Calabria was born at Lausanne on January 16, 1938.  He is the son of the late Duke of Calabria and Princess Alicia of Bourbon-Parma.

The Duke and Duchess of Calabria celebrated their 50th anniversary on May 12, 2015.

He is survived by his wife, Princess Anne,  their five children, and many grandchildren, his sisters, Princesses Teresa and Ines, along with his mother, Princess Alicia, who will celebrate her 98th birthday on November.

The Duke of Calabria is succeeded by his only son, Prince Pedro, Duke of Noto.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Kaiser and Henry at odds

October 2, 1895

Prince Henry of Prussia, younger brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II, has been sent away "on leave of absence because of a serious quarrel" with the Emperor, reports the New York Times.  The first report of this rumor came last Sunday from a United Press dispatch.

At that time, the report was discredited by Berlin Court Circles.

 Today, two more London newspapers, the Daily News and Truth,  published new reports of the rumor, with a dispatch from the Daily News' Rome correspondent's interview with an unnamed diplomat.  The report states that the quarrel is over a  "difference of opinion as to the organization of the navy."

The dispute has led to Prince Henry's "virtually banished for a year," despite the efforts of Empress Friedrich, the mother of Prince Henry and Kaiser Wilhelm II, to arrange a reconciliation between her two sons.

Prince Henry and his wife, Princess Irene, are now at Balmoral at the guests of their grandmother, Queen Victoria.  They will remain there for about a month,